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May 03, 2013 , Comments

What makes Email Marketing work?

As we know everything is marketing these days but the most emerging medium is Email Marketing. It enriches business communications, targets specific key markets, and is both cost-effective and environmental friendly. But what exactly is email marketing and how does it work? How is an email more effective than a radio spot or television advertisement and why should business spending time to maintain an email list?


April 15, 2013 , Comments

How to get most effective website designed for your-self

It is most often the case that you may not be aware of the technical how-to-do for creating your website and get it on the web. But the good news is that it is not in the least required for you to know these nitti-gritties, as you have the, as most often the case,  services of the internet specialists at your disposal.


March 04, 2013 , Comments

A Responsive Year to Follow

Given the rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones  and the fact that users currently seem to prefer reading their news on the mobile web rather than in apps, it's inevitable that coming years will be the years that responsive design takes off.


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